Kollias Ltd was founded early in 90ies and since then has built up a reputation for reliability, as it continuously raises the stamdars offering high quality - ergonomic products. The company studies, designs and manufactures all the mechanical equipment required for the production of high quality products by investing in high-tech equipment and computer integrated systems (CAD/CAM/CAE).

Innovation, quality and safety have always been considered the company’s main goals. Thanks to the dedication of the Research and Development department, that constitutes the continuous driving force behind the innovations, Kollias Ltd has been well established in both domestic and overseas industrial market holding over 20 patents. The vertical integration structure of Kollias Ltd enables the production of high quality products in a short time tailored to the customer needs.

The company continuously expands the already wide range of products by improving the existing ones through the adoption of new technologies and embracing new proposals for the design and manufacture of projects according to international standards.




Our fundamental principle is the achievement of the best possible solutions for our clients, by applying strong knowledge and expertise. Kollias Ltd holds leading position in the demanding market of industrial doors and loading bay equipment, preserving high standards of quality, safety and innovation.

The production of high technology products, the experienced and qualified employees and the utmost client satisfaction constitute the commitment factor for a steadily growing trend.


Kollias LTD company studies, designs and manufactures all its mechanical equipment.


Our company has developed and adopted its own philosophy referencing the development and systems evolution.

Tech CNC machine centers

We have developed vertical and independent industrial design, sophisticated part machining with CNC machine tools. We undertake extensive product testing, both in laboratory conditions - using specially developed testing equipment in our production facilities; and in real life situations. All this is housed in a space together with the production and storage segments in premises with a total area of 4.500 m2.

Implementation of CAD/CAM/CAE programs.

Through the implementation of Product Design Modelling using CAD/CAM/CAE programs a dynamic design and management is achieved, performing both speed and accuracy.

Knowledge and experience.

Our knowledge and experience, combined with the impeccable services we offer, ensure the utmost satisfaction of our customers.

Our people.

Our people are the most important asset of the company, becoming its most powerful competitive advantage.

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