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What are cookies? 
Cookies are pieces of information in the form of very small text, stored in the browser you use on your PC on your Smartphone & tablet, helping us to operate our eshop more efficiently. Cookies do not in any way cause damage to users' computers or files stored on them. The information stored in cookies is used for identification & optimization purposes.  

Necessary cookies 
We do not use cookies to operate our eshop. The only module that cookie mode is the favorites that are stored on your own command when you add a product to your favorites. They contain no personal data except the product or products you have selected. If you do not wish to use these cookies, do not use the Favorites button and cookies will not be stored on your computer.  

Third party promotional cookies and third party statistic cookies
These cookies are used to provide ads related to you and your interests. They are also used to send ads or offers that best fit your needs to reduce mass, unwanted and unwanted advertising messages. At the same time, they help us measure the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns. Also, our statistics cookies enable us to evaluate the effectiveness of our site's various functions so that we can continually improve our experience.
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